International Trends and Services

Links In Action

Historical Context

In 1970, The Links, Incorporated established the International Trends and Services Facet to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to enriching and sustaining the cultural and economic survival of people of African descent. Through friendship and service, The Links, Incorporated has adopted schools in South Africa, Liberia, Ghana, and Jamaica, dug wells in Haiti, built The Links Maternal Waiting Home in Liberia, donated thousands of books to Links Friendship Library and hundreds of Amazon Kindles in Jamaica, assisted with building homes for Haitian refugees in San Diego, California, and partnered with numerous organizations, like Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures and the World Health Organization, to provide vital services to international school children and their families.

Our Mission

The International Trends and Services Facet of the San Jose Chapter supports the educational, cultural, and material needs of people of African descent globally. Through transformative programming for women, children, and their families, we enhance educational and health outcomes and raise awareness of life-sustaining needs and opportunities in the global community.

Programs and Initiatives

Our signature program is Education Across the Miles, which we support annually through our Tea for Me and Thee Fundraiser. This benefit, inspired by an event of the same name that Mrs. Marjorie Craig holds for her nonprofit Help Kenyan Children Survive and Thrive, Inc., raises thousands of dollars each year for school children in Kenya, Jamaica, and Haiti. During the fundraiser, a community volunteer receives the Humanitarian of the Year Award in recognition of their support for children of African descent locally and internationally. Other projects include 400+ pillow case dresses and shorts provided to Kenyan children in partnership with local volunteer Barbara Jacobson, educational mission trips to schools in South and West Africa, visits to The Links Maternal Waiting Homes in Liberia to provide resources to expectant mothers, and book and gift card donations to Frost Elementary School children in San Jose, California for International Women’s Day.

Recognition and Partnerships

The ITS Facet partners with The Links Foundation for its annual fundraiser and with other local and international partners, such as Help Kenyan Children Survive and Thrive, Inc. and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF (Haiti Programs) to provide economic, material, and educational support to impoverished global communities.