Alice E. Foster Memorial Scholarship

The San Jose (CA) Chapter is proud to fund two scholarship programs for youth requiring financial assistance to fulfill their dream of a college education.

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” Les Brown

The Alice E. Foster Memorial Scholarship celebrates more than a decade of providing scholarships to deserving students that have come up through the Foster Care system. This scholarship assists deserving Foster Care students that have successfully graduated from high school and are either attending or have been accepted at a college or vocational school. Over the years, we have provided financial assistance and mentoring to over 25 Foster youth and we are pleased to report that among our scholarship recipients 7 are four-year college graduates and 4 are 2-year community college graduates ( the national statistics far college graduation for foster youth is 8% ).

The late Alice E. Foster’s commitment and dedication to serving the underserved, particularly Foster Care youth, inspired the San Jose (CA) Chapter to establish this scholarship to honor her legacy. Mrs. Foster had a stellar career in business and government, with her final position being Deputy Executive of Santa Clara County. Her untimely passing in 2002 was a tremendous loss to our community, but her excellent body of work and community service lives on through all of our combined efforts to serve those who simply need a helping hand.

Link to Success Scholarship (4th Year)

The San Jose (CA) Chapter is proud to celebrate the fourth year of our newest scholarship program: “Link to Success.” The Link to Success scholarship program was developed to meet the financial need of yet another group of deserving youth. This scholarship is designed for outstanding high school seniors with a grade point average between 2.0 and 3.0.

Chairman: Link Malaika Young

The Authors Luncheon

The Authors Luncheon is the single primary fundraiser for the San Jose Chapter. Proceeds support and further advance our community service activities in Santa Clara County. Primary recipients of funds are the students who are the awardees of the Alice E. Foster Memorial Scholarship program.