The Links, Incorporated,
San Jose Chapter
1981 to Present

2024 - 2025 Officers

Past Presidents 1981-2021

In keeping with the motto of friendship and service there have been a group of women in the chapter who have answered the ultimate call of service and made significant contributions. These servant-leaders ensured that the chapter lived up to the highest ideals of the organization. In their capacity as chapter presidents, they have put service before self. While carrying out the mission of the organization, the leaders have guided the membership to recognize and help develop the growth and well-being of the chapter and community in which they serve.

Mary Washington

1st President

  • Connie Duhe
  • Faith Fauntleroy
  • Sandra Mack
  • Lazelle Westbrook
  • Trudy Gray
  • Natasha Joplin
  • June Chandler
  • Harriett Arnold
  • Jan White
  • Hellen Sims
  • Katranker Thompson
  • Fredia Brooks
  • Tracy Bowers