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Links LIFE Program The Links, Inc., San Jose Chapter, International Trends and Services is launching the LIFE program ( LINKS INTERNATIONAL FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND BUSINESS EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM FOR YOUTH, AGES 14-21) on January 28, 2012 at Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose. The event will feature speakers covering a variety of topics in the areas of foreign affairs and international business. Discussion sessions and lunch will follow. The LIFE program is designed to attract and recruit minority students, ages 12 – 18 years old, interested in pursuing college studies. This program has been introduced nationwide through the 272 LINK Chapters in conjunction with local high schools and universities in their respective cities.

The goal is to create a future job pool of students focused on careers in international business and foreign service. The objective is to fill a major void in minority representation in the international business arena and foreign service appointments. This is vital for future generations. Often minority students are not aware of the options available globally and as a result, limit their scope of choice in pursuing career goals through higher education. Program Benefits: Equips students with a basic literacy in international affairs . Encourages students at the secondary level to be aware of the vast opportunities available internationally. Prepares students on the qualifications needed to pursue careers in business, foreign service and international relations. Exposes students to the importance of being global citizens and the need to embrace world languages and cultures.


Sudanese Awareness and Assistance Program The International Trends and Services Program was designed to link the Sudanese refugees in San Jose and in Africa with the African American population by:

  • sponsoring community awareness and educational events, and,
  • providing services and support to the Sudanese Refugees in San Jose and in Kenya and Uganda.

Increase public awareness and support within the adult and youth African American populations of San Jose, CA and surrounding communities regarding the plight of the Sudanese refugees.
Build a bridge based upon support and friendship between the African American population and the Sudanese who are refugees in San Jose and other African countries. Provide information, support and services to the Sudanese refugees in San Jose as they integrate and become a part of the San Jose community. Hope for Sudan Celebration Community Awareness and Fashion Show “The Lost Boys of Sudan” DVD Distribution Project Free Rental of the DVD!

Receive an Educational Guide and Lesson Ideas for 5th grade through college A background and study unit titled – “Where is Sudan”

One of the most compelling need as reflected by our survey was for dental work as many of these young men, orphaned at a very young age, had never been seen by a dentist. An appeal in the form of a letter was sent to eleven general dentists together with a form to indicate their willingness to collaborate with The Links, Inc. in undertaking the program. Positive responses were received from eight of the eleven, and in January 2006 our first patient was seen.

By the end of the year, six of the Sudanese refugees had been evaluated by a dentist and general dental care given. Facet members transported the students to and from their dental appointments. Printed materials containing locations and contact information of local low cost dental facilities were provided and to date approximately four students have received follow-up care.