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Services to Youth Facet – Del Roble Student Empowerment Program with STEM

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)


  • Students will understand content learning and Science through integrated and meaningful hands – on learning experiences.
  • Students will demonstrate active learning, while working alongside peers.
  • Students will begin to view Science as global learning; not a separate discipline, but learning that affects the whole world.
  • Students will successfully demonstrate their learning through oral sharing.

Our vision is fostering African American student engagement through specialized Science curricula that deepens and evolves as the program continues for the second year.

  • To provide African American students an academic experience that enriches their knowledge of Reading and Science and promotes cultural and social identity.
  • To nurture the whole child and help them flourish and achieve towards reaching their potential.
  • To experience academic growth and satisfaction from participation in sessions led by reputable presenters.
  • To ensure the program will serve to augment their overall learning.


  • Lessen the significant gap between African Americans and their white counterparts in schooling by bolstering underserved learning opportunities that have plagued our educational system for decades.
  • Underscore awareness for new 21st learning, aligned with new national Common Core Standards, which guide instruction in their classroom.
  • Provide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focused /Science curriculum and social enrichment subject matter not usually taught in class.
  • Increase overall knowledge, self-awareness and appreciation, while delving into their cultural heritage and inventions.
  • To eliminate negative mindsets about race and culture.